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Welcome to AutoRefurb where scratches, scrapes and scuffs are restored to their original manufacturer's finish.

Car Body Repair and Alloy Wheels Refurbishment Services

At AutoRefurb, we offer a wide range of car body repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment services to help make your car look almost like new. The standard services we offer are listed below through if you don't see the car body repair service you require then please do not hesitate to call.

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    Car Bodywork Scuffs and Scrapes

    AutoRefurb can repair any scuff or scrape caused by day-to-day driving without the need for replacing and painting whole body panels. Using our state of the art Paint Repair System, we will mix the exact paint colour and shade giving an exact paint match to the damaged area only.
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    Car Bodywork Scratches

    Light scratches that have only just scored the clear coat can be polished out using our Paint Correction System. Simply machine polishing is often enough to remove them. If the scratch is too deep, then we would carry out a cosmetic repair using our Paint Repair System.
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    Car Bumper Repairs

    We have a unique tool that can repair plastic or colour coded bumpers that are cracked or split. Colour coded bumpers will also require a paint repair to restore it to the original manufacturer finish.
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    Alloy Wheel Refurbishments and Repairs

    Damage to alloy rims and spokes caused by kerbs, stone chips or general corrosion can look both unsightly and detract your vehicle's value. At AutoRefurb we can restore your alloys to the manufacturer's original finish using our unique Alloy Wheel Repair System.
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    Wing Mirror Casing Repair

    Wing mirror casing that is scuffed, scratched or cracked can be restored to it’s original manufacturer finish and is a far cheaper option then getting it replaced.