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Welcome to AutoRefurb where scratches, scrapes and scuffs are restored to their original manufacturer's finish.


  • I asked AutoRefurb to take a look at my BMWs Alloy Wheels to see if there was anyway to get rid of the horrible scuffs that were detracting from the beautiful look of the resty of the car. Some 2 hours after they started work, my car's Alloys were restored. Thank you so much.

    Tony, Harrow
  • When vandals scratched my Alfa Romeo Mito I was distraught. My wife had bought it for me as a birthday present the pervious day and I was so pleased with it. I thought that I would have to take it back to Alfa and have to wait ages before having it returned. Then I found AutoRefurb on the web and they sorted out the problem in no time using their special Paint Repair System. Great Job - thank you.

    Graham, Rickmansworth
  • I've had my Mercedes for years and during that time had looked after it really well. It hardly had a scratch on it, inside or out. Then my dog decided that she would have some fun with ripping at my seats and finally left some horrible tears in the back seat. A friend recommended Autorefurb to me so I called them. They came round prompty and immediate got to work at sorting out the tear. Now it looks great and I hasten to add that I will be keeping Bonnie (my dog) under control when she decided to ride in my car again.

    Ray, Watford